March 2010

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WHATS NEW: News has been posted on the MySpace page as well as a Facebook page.

In January of 2010 Andre aka Tong Long departed from the band. Andre is currently working with many new projects and taking on a jazz jam on Sundays at Epicenter. SBG will be hold until a new drummer joins the band or the new record is released. Andre did record the third SBG record before leaving the band. I wanted to thank Andre for his hard work, dedication and creativity to the project. Andre's input was a major part of the band's unique approach to hard music.

NEW DRUMMER: Say Bok Gwai is currently seeking a drummer. email for details.

"CHINK IN THE ARMOR" was offically release date is June 17, 2008. This CD features 31 new songs and is just under 60 mins. Edgetone Records has released this new record in conjunction with Monkey King Records. New songs are at the myspace site. There are new shirts with design from Glenn Smith. They are bad ass and feature the Monkey King waving the SBG banner. It is our current picture at myspace. Shirts are in red and grey and we got baby tees too.

FILM CREDIT: SBG's song "Radio Star" is featured on the credits of Slanted Screen. Slanted Screen is a documentary produced and directed by SF's public defender, Jeff Adachi, about Asian American male images on film . Alex Yeung is the editor and co-producer of Slanted Screen. Check your local listings cause it is airing on PBS

SBG VIDEOS: or more videoes here at . New performances have been uploaded and our new music videos are there as well. Just click the YouTube link and see it all.

Here is link to a recent mention in Asian Week .

Anna-Sophie currently lives in Beijing but was visiting San Francisco during the AAMS3 show. She shot some footage and did interviews of the bands that night and this is the first segment to come from that footage. Check it Anna Sophie Danwai Interview