April 2004
Say Bok Gwai plays a show at the luggage store with Van Boven. The first showing of Chinese American support. (Thank you Jennie & friends, Philip, and Jimmie.) Big thanks to all our friends who made it out.

May 2004
The CD is released on Monkey King Records.

Say Bok Gwai signs on with Chinese Global Rock for Asia distribution. Chinese Global Rock will most likely release the Say Bok Gwai CD in September 2004.

At the Big Sur Experimental Festival also know as Sound Shift, Godfather Rent Romus approaches me about distribution through U.I.R.C. and sales through Edgetone Records website.


September 2003
Say Bok Gwai plays a preview show in celebration of finishing the CD. The show is booked at The Cherry Bar. The Cherry Bar was once the Covered Wagon Saloon. The Cover Wagon Saloon was the best place to see harder music because it is very intimate and the place stinks of Rock n Roll. From the neon glow portraits of jesus to some of the most awesome shows from Stinky's Peepshow to Lucifer's Hammer to Victim's Family to the Ruins. The CW rocked hard and in a very SF style. The Cherry Bar is now a lesbian bar/dance club. Get the idea? Thanks to all our friends(you know who you are), that supported us at our very first show.

October 2003
Over the month of September, Alex went in for two more 3 hour sessions of vocal tracking. Then over the month of October Alex and Scott worked on the mixing the CD.

November 2003
The CD is mastered at Mr. Toad's by Ben of Replicator.


April 2003
Alex Yeung, composer/guitarist/vocalist forms Say Bok Gwai. Andre Custodio, drummer, joins the group creating a duo. At this point, Alex and Andre had only a concept and 10-12 original songs.

May 2003
Say Bok Gwai starts practicing and working on new material. The first 10-12 songs Alex Yeung had written for another project. These songs were written over the last two to three years for a recording project to be done with a collaboration of local San Franciscan musicians in the metal/hardcore/punk bands. Due to conflicting schedules the project never left the ground.

July 2003
Say Bok Gwai finishes adding 20 songs to their repertoire. It has been decided that the band will record the first CD at the end of the summer.

August 2003
At the end of August, Say Bok Gwai records with Greenhouse Recordings with Scott Green, owner/engineer. The base tracks for all 30 songs were recorded in 4 hours. The next day Alex came back to do a few guitar overdubs. We experimented with bass and drums tracks but decided not to use them for the CD. On that day we did a majority of the vocal tracks as well.