June 2004
The Say Bok Gwai website is up and the Say Bok Gwai CD is now for sale at Edgetone Records via U.I.R.C. Distribution. Click here to buy the Say Bok Gwai CD.

Say Bok Gwai has been working on some new material and have 7 new songs. Working titles are But Your White, Evil Sam Adatos's Heavy Metal Workshop, Eat Me Now, A-1, Fuck Bush, Fuck A Ronnie Reagan, and Trick Duck. The subject matter is political and metal. These songs will have a bit of English and Trick Duck is all in English.

We are trying to book a date for our CD release party but have not heard from any bookers yet. There will be a show in August with Tri-Cornered Tent Show at the Musician's Union.

July 2004

Say Bok Gwai played Lucifer's Hammer @Cat's Club on June 29th with Oneinthechamber. SBG did a 20 song set with included Hamm Sup Gwai and Monkey King(new ones). The crowd rocked hard and even sang 433, $8 Sandwich and No Sweet and Sour with us. Shout out to Manny, Tonus, Zach and Art for the support. Metal!!!


July 4th Our Nation B-Day-Yes Pleasant Hills rocked with Say Bok Gwai! The show at the Viking Apts was a great success. We rocked out 17 songs in about 20-25 mins. This has been on best live performance so far. We were joined on the stage with Wilcox (cover band that opened for us and took it home with Rocky Mt. High),the Gary jam band(blues rock improv), and taking it all the way The LBL R&B band(offering great covers from Soul Sacrifice(an amazing conga solo from SBG's Andre Custodio) to Moondance(a real fav of mine). It was one special event. Big props to Stan Custodio for the bad ass beef and his wife to be Gail for amazing spread of good eatings.

7.24.04 SBG@KFJC SBG played a set on Saturday 4:15pm of 26 songs at KFJC (Foothill College). The set included new songs like Fuck A Ronnie Reagan, Fuck Bush, CCL and Trick Duck. There was also a short improv called "Not only white people like Mack and Cheese" The fine folks at KFJC(Nazzmo King, Grower, Mitch Lemay) were very kind and recorded the set for us as well as inviting us to do an interview after the performance.

7.31.04 The Edgetone New Music Summit and SBG CD release A fantasic evening of improv weirdness and hardcore. The CD release went really well. SBG played a 32 song set including 8 songs not on the CD. Special thanks to DAMON HOLZBORN, C. J. REAVEN BOROSQUE, ELLEN WELLER for playing with us.

A special thanks to the host of the night RENT ROMUS, who joined SBG on brutal sax on the instrumental "Got No Friends to Talk to". Finally a shout out to all the Asian and Chinese who came out . Ng Goi Sii!(rough canto translation)

8.29.04 Musician's Union: This gig was a bit under polluated but still fun. Tri Cornered did 4 improv pieces. Number 2 was my fav. TCTS was joined by Rent "Godfather" Romus who was a very welcomed addition to the TCTS set. SBG came out and ran through 25 songs in 28 mins. A real blast of hardcore at very an accelerated tempo. This was the fastest SBG set yet. Thanks to our four audience members who know understand the true meaning of support. Your presence was awesome and a special shout out to Eric. Rock on man!!!

9.1.04 12 Galaxies: This show was one of our best as Andre and I blasted out a set 27 songs with 5 new ones. The sound was great the audience was badass and we had a wonderful time performing. SBG opened up this show and it was a real success. Thanks to all of you for being there and standing up front where we could see your smiling faces. SBG made a new friend at the bar. Adam one of the owners was really excited to see us and we hope to be back there again soon.