The ANT Show in collaboration with Monkey King Records have organized the Bay Area's first free Chinese Rock Showcase which will feature four Chinese Rock bands. The Chinese Rock Showcase will have a diverse range of music from the soulful Canto ballads of the South Bay's Instinction to the fusion of Canto Pop and American Pop Rock music heard in Big Bang 3's music. Chinese Rock music will be redefined by the aggressive hardcore/metal/punk sounds of Say Bok Gwai and MB will surprise all by combining a variety of musical genres yes even Japanese rock songs) to create a fresh sound to end the evening of Chinese Rock music. Please join us for a free evening of Chinese Rock music at Studio Z in San Francisco.

Dec 2004 - Jan 2005

SF Eagle-12/14 A fine show at a fine establishment. This show went great and I would have to say one of our best performances. Big thanks to Doug @Sf Eagle. Andre dressed in proper vinyl pants and leather vest for the event. Kick ass versions of Fuck Bush and No Chop Suey. There was a small crowd but a big response.

I am the Arm from Portland was an awesome three peice mostly instrumental band that kicks ass. A definite prog edge with some serious thick guitar attack, smooth and fast bass and finesse drumming. Oh and they did a Black Flag cover. Totimoshi was rocking as always. They just toured the US and were tight as virgin butt. When we play here again, check it.

ANT show- 1/04 Well not quite the crowd we had at the Chinese Rock Showcase but big thanks to Manny, Tonus, Jules, Oliver and Anthony for the support. Nice to see some friendly faces. Surprising number of Asians in the audience due to the openers 8Past. Unfortunately but the middle of the set we scared most of them away. We rocked hard and played some new tunes.The Wussies finished the show with some dirty ass punk rock. YEAH!

Jan-Feb 2005

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!What a great year it has been for SBG. The year of the monkey is almost over. SBG has been kinda underground and waiting for the Noisepop show on 02/26/05 to reappear. Alex is working on new compositions. There are 15 new songs ready to go. Some you have heard if you have been to our last couple of shows. who have not seen us yet.


We had tinkered with the idea of doing mostly new material at the NoisePop show but decided we should play more stuff on the CD in hopes that there will be people who have not seen us yet.

The big news is the NoisePop show. A very special thank you to Adam of 12 Galaxies for his support. Without his assistance we would not be playing this awesome show. Please come out to support us and let them know you came to see us. We are playing with two great local bands. High on Fire is some serious stoner rock and The Fucking Champs are a two guitar and drum instrumental metal band. They both rock hard. Another bit of cool news is that we are slated to play with HIRAX at the 23rd year Anniversity of Rampage Radio on KUSF. Rock on Ron Q!!!